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This is not read from books, but from simple logic. The explanation and understanding is important. But it is said that this yoga is more powerful if formed from lagna rather than moon position. More than anything else it is believed to effect majorly the wealth part in the native. Varahmihira also said that this yoga is very powerful can be consider alone for wealth factor.

Though when we consider this yoga from moon we are left with only 3 benefics, thus all four upachaya stahns cannot be occupied. This is why it is more dependable to consider this yoga from lagna. Though we have to judge this yoga depedng upon basic strength of the planets invloved but over all this yoga is considered to show its effect whenever it is present.

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This yoga is quite rare coz it will seldom happen if all 4 upachaya sthans are occupied with benefics without any influence of any malefics. About presense of retrograde planet in this yoga. Now, let us move further in our quest for understanding the applicability of some other yogas in vedic astrology. Of these Yogas, the first two Yogas Shubha Mala and Ashubha Mala are based upon the mutual disposition of planets in specific houses of the Lagna Chart.

And, the person born with this yoga is said to be benevolent and friendly in nature. He will enjoy authority and command on other persons; will be respected or rewarded by the government; will be blessed with good wife and sons. The applicability of this Yoga is average only; and, the strength of planets may also play a significant role in determining the potency of its auspicious results. Some people have different version of this Shubha Mala Yoga; and, the placement of only auspicious planets Shubha Grahas like Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus is considered for this yoga.

And, different texts have also a different version of some Yogas; like, the Mala Yoga as mentioned in Nabhas Yoga chapter of Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra is formed when all the auspicious planets are placed in any three of the four Kendra bhavas first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are Kendra Bhavas.

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Therefore, the chances of having different opinions or observations are good as well as legitimate. The person born with this Yoga is said to be quarrelsome, ungrateful, violent, sinful and cowardly in nature. Lakshmi Yoga is formed when the lord of ninth house and Venus are placed in first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth or tenth house of the Lagna Chart. In addition to this, these two planets Venus as well as ninth house lord should be occupying their own sign or exaltation sign. The person born with Lakshmi Yoga is blessed with full marital happiness; and, enjoys the company of beautiful and good natured female counter part.

He will also be very wealthy, healthy and famous. Comments: This yoga is primarily based upon the strength of ninth house which signifies support of luck and fortune; and, of Venus which is a general significator for luxuries, ornaments, comforts and wealth. Strong disposition of both these planets is supposed to generate such results as has been mentioned above. However, the on ground applicability of this yoga is not very satisfactory; and, one may find many charts having this yoga but without the actual results or with very weak results.

For example, people born in Virgo Kanya or Aquarius Kumbha Lagna will have Venus as ninth house lord; and, despite the apparently strong disposition of Venus, there may not be any results or very weak results of this Yoga.

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Like, one may have little wealth which may not sustain longer; or, one may have a beautiful wife but the marital relationship may not be good. In my personal experience, this Yoga will give results only when the following conditions are also met in addition to the conditions mentioned for this Yoga :. The lord of first house should be strongly disposed. These planets lord of first house, lord of ninth house and Venus should be well disposed in Navamsha division.

And, the person should be under Mahadasa main period of either these planets or some other auspicious planet. Let me share one horoscope in this regard; and, things may be more clear to you. Thus, apparently the Lakshmi Yoga is operational which is supposed to bless the native with riches, health and fame. The actual situation is, however, totally different; the child is born in a very poor family struggling hard to make both ends meet. And, the primary reasons behind such contrary results are as under:.

The dispositor of Jupiter i.

Sun is badly placed in eighth house; and, also afflicted by its union with Mercury and Ketu. And, Ketu is also casting its aspect on Jupiter placed in fourth house of his Lagna Chart. In his Navamsha division Venus is making union with Saturn and Ketu in fourth house. Therefore, not only Venus is afflicted but the potency of fourth house of his Lagna Chart wherein exalted Jupiter is placed is also challenged by the cruel influence of Saturn and Ketu on Venus.

Dhana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish, (Wealth giving planets in astrology)

At present, he is under Mahadasa of Rahu which will be operational till 20 years of age; and, afterwards, the Mahadasa of Jupiter will commence for 16 years. Therefore, some relief or betterment can be expected during Mahadasa of Jupiter; while, things may continue to remain tough and challenging specifically in terms of finance, wealth and fame during currently operational Rahu Mahadasa.

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The ninth house is ruled by Venus; and, therefore, only one planet i. Venus is to be taken into consideration for Lakshmi Yoga. Venus is exalted in seventh house; and, therefore, the combined auspicious influences of ninth lord as well as Venus are supposed to be generating Lakshmi Yoga. However, the other influences as mentioned for previously discussed horoscope are also to be checked for appropriate conclusion.

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Venus is combust and joined by the Sun lord of twelfth house signifying losses and expenses ; therefore, the potency of Venus to generate full and clean results of its apparently strong disposition is diluted. In addition to this, the dispositor of Venus i. The Lagna lord Mercury is in sixth house.

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The native did enjoy reasonable amount of prosperity in his life; however, the financial volatility and occasional hurdles were also there. Thus, while the improved disposition of Venus and Mercury in his Navamsha division ensured some results of the Lakshmi Yoga being formed in his Lagna Chart ; the primary weakness in his Lagna Chart did not allow him to experience strong and stable results in terms of wealth and finance. Besides, the other aspects of Lakshmi Yoga are also very moderate. Gauri Yoga: Gauri yoga is formed when Moon occupies its own zodiac or is exalted; is placed in first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth or tenth house; and, is aspected by Jupiter.

This yoga may appear somewhat similar to Gaj Kesari Yoga; however, the conditions for this yoga are slightly different.