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Their perfectionist tendencies make them very clean people who are hardworking in their career. They rarely get upset and are very giving. Hazel tree people have friends who look up to them because they are analytical and can solve problems with ease. They are honest and loyal, however they can be emotionally distant because they are so analytical and live in their minds instead of their feelings. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Their high standards can make it impossible for anybody to meet them. They can be perceived as someone who is very difficult to please because of their overly critical nature.

Test Now! Their critical nature is just their way of trying to analyze a problem and find ways to fix it. They want situations and people to be at their best, but they need to realize that no one is perfect and very few, if any, will meet such high exacting standards. The Hazel Druid astrology sign often find it hard to unwind and relax and can come across as too argumentative.

Their animal symbol is the Salmon which to the Celts is the oldest and wisest animal. It symbolizes inspiration and the creativity that Hazel tree people need to express. The Hazel Celtic tree sign is compatible with Hawthorn and Rowan. Celtic Astrology Sign Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 In western astrology the Hazel tree would correspond with the signs of Leo and Virgo.

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Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Celtic Astrology Sign. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Frequently he has artistic features, mainly in music. In any case, he has a good sense of rhythm. Born for adventures he usually has a mobile and varied labour life. She can highlight her merits. She loves home, precious things, handsome interior. Oftenly, that sweet home, without which she could not grow up, is made by herself.

She has nothing obedient, she can plan and subordinate the conditions to her needs. Being courageous she meets the resistance with the head up high and does not let bad luck to overcome her. Thanks to boldness and ability to risk she always goes ahead. In work she can have success independent of the kind of activity that she choose.

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A Pine is distinguished by a stubborness with which she goes on her selected way. She can get out of any difficult situation. Notwithstanding her affability and ability to be a nice friend, she has no excessive generosity. Her prosperity and comfort are first of all. The bad luck of others does not drive out a sleep of her eyes, even though it may happen that she will mention such others sympathetically in friend talk. She may show weakness only in one thing - in love. With all this she has a penetrating mind and regulated thinking, she may be a good organizer.

She may take all efforts to reach a desired objective, and, as a rule, she reaches it. She may get out of any troubles, even related to love affairs, with honour.

A sign of a Pine is highly propitious for women. With her melancholic beauty a Willow is quite attractive and original. Even if only a visibility defines a basis of her charm especially, in case if a Willow is a woman , you feel something mysterious in her. She reacts to all smells and tastes. Like no one other she can use a brief joy. Do not trust to external gentleness of Willow. She is business-like and resolute, she knows well what she wants. She will never thrust anything on anybody, because of her mature sense of respect and absense of wish to give orders.

Her melancholic maxims related to forthcoming autumn and fast-going life shall not be taken too seriously. A willow may be a difficult partner, because she has no ability for fast adaptation and she does not like the compromises. Her nakedness and helplessness frequently are only a tactics. Sometimes for entertainment, and sometimes for a personal benefit, she can present her as a weak creature.

In general, in life she can protect herself excellently. She loves sensual pleasures, and brings into it a poetical tint. Willow does not like usual, uncoloured feelings. She has artistic abilities, intuition and a rich imagination. Her life could be going totally quiet, if only she had no excessive attraction to a love sufferings. However, you should not take her complaints seriously: she does not rate highly those feelings with no suffering. She dreams of a stable, comfortable life and oftenly not realizes that it has no great importance for her indeed.

She easily adapts to any conditions. Oftenly Lime goes through all her life with the feeling of boredom. It is her main enemy. Everybody do like her even when they can not truly rely upon her. If during her life she meets a familiar dear one - then a conjugal love may return a balance to her, to save from contradictions. Herewith she has a strong self-respect. She may be jealous, oftenly having no reason for it.

Hazel is satisfied with a little, he adapts to any possible life conditions and understands everything. His exterior makes almost magical impression. If he wants he can make you like him. He can be kind, wise, patient, but also he can be dangerous, angry, harmful. Everything in him is a magic - is it white or black, it depends on his actual mood or caprice. But be careful if you have no his liking. Notwithstanding his modesty and restraint, he never comes unattended. He knows of it, even if he tries to make an impression of a very thrifty person.

In love he may be as the most loved, so as the most excruciating partner. Even if combined life to him will not bring peace, it will be quite gripping. He has various knowledges, he studies very quick and easy. But it only depends on his good will, if he will apply his knowledges fully and with benefit. Her delicate appearance hides a firm nature.

She may highlight her own merits, and likes to dress well. She has good taste. She quickly gets accustomed to changes in situation. She likes to give joy to people, even to the detriment of helself. A big responsibility makes her feel herself guilty for everything that happens guilt complex. Contacts to her are hard and relationships are difficult. She has not enough of simplicity. She notable for a sensitivity to outer impressions, for her love to an excellence, for loyalty and affability.

You always may rely upon her. Sometimes she may be naive and let others to exploit her. In love she may give a lot, but she also demands for the same. She constantly tries a feeling. You should not fraud or disappoint her, she will not forgive it. Rowan will not betray. Her personal life is very full. Sometimes it happens that she does not materialize some of her plans due to stucking in everyday affairs. He oftenly is there, where the most interesting things are.

He looks after a fashion. They say that Maple is always on top. He may be ranked as individualist. He does not like to stay home too long, he gladly meets new people. He has a gift to draw people out. He usually is full of plans, oftenly unusual and eccentric.


He likes various novelties, protects new ideas, but he rarely implements his own projects. However, it not prevents him from having satisfaction with his wide horizons. He also has a bit of cynicism. He does not like and not afraid of public opinion. On the contrary, he likes when people speak about him. He goes on surprising and unforeseen ways. But it does not mean that he will not find happiness unless he meets a partner with the same thoughts and taste. He has a bright and penetrating mind. A naturality in his eyes is not a merit. He cares of style, delicate and refined manner, and indeed he is simply timid.

Walnut oftenly consists of contradictions, he may be capricious, aggressive, egoistic. But at the same time he is hospitable, courteous. He may be as loyal and reliable so as inconstant.


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You never know what will he do in one or another case and how should you appeal to him. With no grounds he may favour you with or deprive you of his friendship and love. Sometimes he loves to suffer and he with pleasure makes others to suffer.

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Being racked with the need in showing his exclusiveness, jealous and affable, Walnut can not boast of steadiness. If you love him or have a friendship to him, you will constantly be a subject to suddenness. Devote attention to him if you feel that you can resist his influence, otherwise he will fully bend you to his will. In life he can be a great strategist. He estimates well the consequences of his intentions, he decides to take quite insidious actions, he does not let excessive remorse to hold him.

He frequently subjugate others with his speed of action. However, there are also demure Walnuts. He strives for his life to be not ordinary. He fears no risk, does not strive to please, does not acknowledge compromisses, does not go on beaten tracks. Walnut may have many friends, so as many enemies. He thinks that in life you may count upon yourself only.

He cares for his independence. Sometimes he may be a person that you can not ignore and have to consider him. They usually wait from him a creation of easy environment in company. For everybody he appears to be a balanced, funny and with-no-life-problems man. Only the most close to him people know how much is he indeed sensitive and able to be disappointed. Incredulity for others, for him it is a reasonableness leading to cautious and far-sighted actions. Suspiciousness for others, for him it is only a secret reserve.

He, like no other people, understands the advantage of diplomacy and ability to make harmonious relationships to others. Unfortunately, these advantages are rarely shown at his own home. Here he seeks for gratification of his need for independence. He does not like to feel himself constrained, does not like limitations, obligations do depress him, notwithstanding him always obeyed to his duty.

A married life with Jasmine is not easy. Especially as he quickly disappoints and collects biases. He likes children and feels himself comfortable with them. Not being waiting for much from life, he puts his hopes onto children. He can easily and clearly explain to them the most difficult questions. Children give the biggest joy and satisfaction to him. Jasmine is not a materialist, but oftenly he has a good earnings.

He does not afraid of labour, his intelligence and lively thoughts are highly appreciated by his chiefs. Chestnut is very beautiful, if not decorative, but he does not try to subdue others with his attractiveness. He has an innate sense of justice, any violation will be for him a cause for involuntary objection. He does not like the thrift, any tactical and diplomatical tricks, and this frequently sets people against him.

Lack of pliancy in communication to others leads to changing of many occupations and to many disappointments, which he remember for long, due to his susceptivity and sensibility. Notwithstanding his persistence and self-possession, he is never obstinate. He may be circumspect and prudent, and thanks to this he usually has no material problems. He attaches a great importance to a rules of morality and is inclined to puritanism, though he is certainly sensitive.

He is surprisingly striving for comfort of living. Sometimes he makes an impression of a human unadapted to life, but it is only a result of hostility and absence of trust to himself and to others. Chestnut is very intractable to find a mutual understanding and oftenly has a fame of unscrupulous man. Possibly it is related to his passion for shocking others.

The need in love and simultaneus fear of unanswered love make his relations to partner to be very difficult. His complexes lead to provocative behavoiur and are oftenly incomprehensible for others. It is a nice mighty tree. It looks good, has a svelte silhouette, elegant and free in motion. He likes himself. He has a lively nature and is quite demanding. And as soon as he has attraction to independent life, not everybody will stand it.

The Ash knows very well what he wants, and even better he knows what he does not want.


In his striving for own happiness he is so much forceful, that he can crush everything on his way to his target. He is egoist, but not a miser. This capricious nature in a field if love shows absolutely different features: he may be circumspect, constant, prudent. Strictly speaking, in this area Ash has a biggest success and he can make a good choice, weigh all pro and contra. His union of hearts may also be a marriage of propriety. He is rarely wrong and he makes a lot of efforts to arrange his family life and oftenly it goes successfully. His mind is based on intuition first.

So as Rowan, Willow and Walnut, the Ash has unusual gift of insight. Oftenly he likes to play a prophet and when his predictions do realize, his fame growth even more. Ash do always plays to a Fortune a little. But this tree is safe, do not afraid to hide in his shadow. Ironwood regards a surrounding world with leniency. His attention is more attracted with a shape than with a contents. He has a strong inclination to a discipline and obedience. He likes distinctions, dreams of awards and honours, misses a delight from others.

More than anything he likes to obey to established procedures and so he rarely shows initiative. The taking of decision is accompanied for him with a fear of mistake. Herewith he has a sense of responsibility and justice. He does not like deviations from generally accepted rules, he unwillingly steps off the straight line of a proved and beaten way. He considers a romantic feeling as a responsible thing.

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He will be a nice and sweet partner. But if life will let him to choose between love and duty, he will, as a rule, select the latter. A Fig is a delicate tree with expressive features. He has no special beauty, but he does not stay insignificant. Fig is little impressionable and has some complexes. He feels himself good not everywhere. He demands for a life space and warmth. He withers in unfavourable conditions. He stands difficulties not well. Being impressionable, full of bitterness, he pines. In such condiitons his immune system weakens and you should be very careful not to destroy the tree.

He has strong family feelings. He feels a constant need for contact to his relatives, even if they can not appreciate it and come up to expectations. He requires a stability, notwithstanding his inconstancy in many things. He is an emotional and tolerant nature. Sometimes he pays for it with his mental peace and joie de vivre, especially as he resists to temptations.

Even if he is not loyal more frequently in thoughts , he tries to accurately perform his daily duties. You may rely on him.