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This method of analysing a birth chart is invented by Shri K. A: No. This is a method of analysis.

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This method is taken from Vedic Astrology only. Ans: In Vedic Astrology House division will be used by most of people equal house system and Sripathi house system.

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In KP Placidus house division will be used. In Vedic Astrology we use only Moon dasha. But in KP Astrology we need to calculate dashas for every planet and house. KP Ayanamsha will have slight difference with Lahiri Ayanamsha. KP uses Western Aspects. KP method will have House significators based on ownrship, placement in a sign, Star and Aspect.

KP Astrology also have ruling planets. Free KP horoscope Krishnamurthy paddhati software. New year Rashiphal and January Rashiphal, year important days and dates will be updated as soon as possible. Happy New year to all. First Name. Australia Canada USA. Free newborn report.

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Know your new born rashi, nakshatra, janma nama, suitable letters for naming etc with this unique free service. Read More.


Calculate when an event marriage, child, job, etc will occur in a person's life. A very powerful system with its details.

Gochar Transit , i. Transit is a very important tool in giving perfection in prediction. Time of results can be accurately analysed in depth sometimes days. Prasna Kundli, for people who do not have horoscope. Predicting time of Results.


The table and charts related to it. Example and Case Studies.

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KP New Astro: Free Astrology Software For KP Astrologers (Beta version)

Ruling Planets, The Divine predictions. Birth time rectification. Many real life case studies with solutions. Each house discussed in details, time of marriage, getting a good job, going abroad, disease etc.

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Case studies. Step by step of predictions. Advanced concepts of KP. Sub-Sub Table table and its use. Since no learning is complete unless it enables the student to earn as a professional, we have tried to ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. The institute offers a one month program free of cost to every student who successfully completes the Post Graduate Diploma course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform that I was thoroughly satisfied by the useful knowledge extended to me by your course. Needless to add that after completion of the course I am full of self confidence in my abilities. Best regards. Staff were helpful. I wish IVA the God speed. Instead, I have a big list of clients and industrialists who regularly take my advice for all their personal, professional, commercial and social matters. Especially the material on Dosha and their remedies is very comprehensive.

Now, I am learning gems and Crystal Therapy. Om Swasti. Enjoyed learning it. I have also joined Gems and Crystal Therapy course now. I am highly satisfied with your course material and prompt service. Plan to join Vedic Vastu course next year. Greetings to IVA. I got good knowledge of Palmistry with your study materials and I am proud to be a part of this great institution. I wish u good luck for making lot of students into successful professionals in these subjects at international level.

Download: Prospectus Hindi English. We offer a series of different duration courses that you can select from on the basis of your specific requirements: KP astrology diploma online in India KP astrology college online in India KP astrology degree in India KP astrology correspondence course online in India KP astrology workshops online in India Our well defined curriculum and easy to understand course material is all that you will need to master the art of KP astrology.

Easy to Understand. Logical and Accurate. Cusp Treatment.

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  • Ruling Planets. Significators of planets and houses that accurately helps in predicting events. Signup Now. KP Astrology Course Syllabus. Module 1 KP system, 12 Houses Bhav of horoscope explained in great depth. Module 2 12 Zodiac Signs, Nature, effect, basic characteristics. Module 4 Planets and 27 constellation, their properties, importance of constellation and effect on people.

    Module 5 Effects of Upadhipati Nakshatra in 12 Houses. Module 6 Resultant planet in horoscope, planets affecting houses.